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EcoPal By Heramb Enterprises

Heramb is an established and reputed firm with ISO 9001 certification in the packaging industry with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We are equipped with experienced resources and latest technology enabling us to provide our customers with an innovative, reliable & customized packaging solutions

Over the years new technologies in packaging industry & revolutionary solutions made product handling, movement, shipment & storage easier and boosted the development in every industrial growth. To give optimum solutions to material handling & encouraging the re-usable packaging products, Heramb introduced “EcoPal". EcoPal is one such solution which contributes to the growth chart of your industrial path. EcoPal products are reusable & recyclable, it also enables complete customization with wide range of attributes like size, thickness, color & branding.


Why Choose Us?


Reusing is simply keeping the same container and you have done something good for the environment


Recycling often saves energy because recycled products typically require less processing to turn them into usable materials.


Product customization is one of the key strategies we can use to serve our customers successfully.

Easy Handling

We believe in combining both a rich feature set and easy usability in our products.

Light Weight

Our products are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store and inventory. They are cost-effective and "one-way" eliminating the need


Our stackable boxes are built to last and they do. You can reuse them over and over again and that kind of durability is a boon for the environment.

Cost Effective

We specialize in manufacturing materials quickly and cost-effectively and offer a wide range of products as well as various designs and finishes.

Various Colors

Everything that we look, feel and touch is full of color. It's in our houses, in the products we buy, or on our money bills. We have different reactions to color

Water Resistant

Our products are made from laminated kraft liner, which is a waterproof type of paper. This paper is repeatedly layered and laminated until a finished product is formed.

ECOPAL By Heramb Enterprises

We are be leading manufacturer of quality industrial packaging products. Our products have gained huge appreciation in the market for their tough construction, high quality, easy operations, lower maintenance, and longer shelf life.

Products By ECOPAL

ECOPAL Customised Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Tray
Lid Box
One Sided Cover Box
Removable cover box
Self Locking box
Velcro zip lock box
Die Cut Box With Wide Lock

ECOPAL Customised Separator

foam inserts
Internal Resting
Internal Resting PLATES
tube resting plates


Nesting Separator

Partition With Coushioning


Box With Top Plate
Long Kit Box
Box With Pockets
LID Box with Coushioning
box with top plate and coushioning


Assembly Part
Destop Tray
Small Handling Tray
Tray For Toys
Tray With Plastics Handle
Tray With Nylon Belt
Light Weight Handling Trays
Tray With Nesting Seprator


Foldable Universal Box With Nesting
Foldable Universal Box With Partitions
Foldable Universal Box



Palletized returnable lids (PRL)